More than 150 different types of fish are found in the Persian Gulf. Most of the Persian Gulf fishes, except for a few cases that enter the waters of the Karun River and the BahmanShir River, the rest of them live in saline water and spawn and reproduce there. One of the most important types of commercial fish in the Persian Gulf can be Zbayeh, White Halvah, Black Halvah and Fish Milk, Shank, Sangasar, Karut croaker , Hamoor, Shoorideh,Shoe fish and Sorkho.

Among the other Persian Gulf food products, shrimp can be mentioned.

Edible oysters is also found on some beaches such as Bandar Abbas and Oyster beach in Bandar Lengeh, as it is in some of the islands such as Hormoz, Qeshm, Lark, where is the major market of European countries.

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