Food sources of the Persian Gulf

More than 150 different types of fish are found in the Persian Gulf. Except for a few that enter the waters of the Karun River or the Bahmanshir Channel, most of the fish in the Persian Gulf live and spawn in saline water.

Some of the most important types of commercial fish in the Persian Gulf are Silver/White and Black Pomfret (Persian: Halva fish), Spanish Mackerel (Persian: Sheer mahi), Flounder (Persian: Kafshak), Sangsar, Mish Mahi, Greasy Grouper (Persian: Hamoor), Sciaenidae (Persian: Shoorideh), and Snapper (Persian: Sorkho).

Additionally, different kinds of crabs, shrimp and oysters are found in this sea. Edible oysters also live on some beaches such as Bandar Abbas and Sahele Sadaf (English: “Oyster Beach”) in Bandar Lengeh, as well as on some islands such as Hormuz, Qeshm and Larak.

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