Shrimp hunting has been carried out by local fishermen for a few years, but only a few years ago, the Southern Fisheries Company has given it a special significance to this product and will be exploited further.

Local fishing is done by special nets and in some areas by small boats and motorized lounges, although the abundance of crops on the southern coast of Iran is so much that even with the Elementary tools of local fishers, and at a depth of 3.5 to 5.5 meters Hunting is done remarkably.

Shrimp is usually clinging to the bottom of the sea. On this basis, shrimp hunting ships’ nets are made from special nets’ types that can hunt shrimp on the seabed by their open mouth.

Each ship has two sets of these nets, the nets are sent to the seabed by two arms attached to the main rig or rear of the ship.

Shrimp trapped with edible and non-edible fish and other fish are pulled to the deck, shrimp separated from fish and other fish, and after cutting their heads, the shrimp tail, which is the main part of the shrimp  , will be carried to the insulated part of the ship  after washing to mix and maintenance with ice.

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