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South Hormozgan has a long history of producing and exporting the product, along with other sea products manufacturers, including fish and shrimp growers in Hormozgan province. This company has modern and advanced equipments including hygienic salon stripperes and packaging and frosty equipped spring houses and frigidity tunnels and also transportation of widespread fishery products in cooperation with other organs and public and private institutons. and also glory to offer services to our compatriots in the field of exporting fishery products from south of the country to others. company and its managers are continuoy figuring on promulgation of healthy diet and encouraging customers to use lentic products in their food basket, and other.and Also, in order to alimentation this new lentics production industry in Hormozgan province, and especially the shrimp breeding precinct, that has alot of shrimp pools precinct and intends to prepare products from other companies directly from breeding pools to the export step, and Enterprises  to exportation with the facilities available in other European Asian countries.

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Short essay about Persian Gulf

Pertian Gulf is the name of the most important waterway in Western Asia and the Middle East that placed along side of the Oman Sea,in the middle of Iran and Arabia Peninsula. Persian Gulfs area is about 237,473 kilometer and named as the third hugest bays of the world after Mexico Hudson Bay. Persian Gulf runs through Hormoz Canyon and Oman Sea to Indian Ocean from east and ends from west to the the Delta of Arvandrood river , which is the result of the Connection of z rivers of Tigris and Euphrates and joining of Karoon River to it. Iran, Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are on the side of the  Gulf. northern coasts of Persian Gulf are entirely located in the political geography of Iran. Due to the richest resources of oil and gas oil in Persian Gulf and its oceans this waterways called  the most important and strategic region internationally.

Geologists believe that about 50000 years ago, the face of Persian Gulf was formed along the southern plains of Iran and it became a constant form due to changes in the internal and external structure of the earth. Persian Gulf was every at the beginning was very extensive structures of the beginning, unit the end of the  third period of geology most of Borazjan,Behbahan and Khuzestans flats remainde underwater. Khuzestan lands were underwater in the Zagros Mountains.From the last changes in the Persian Gulf, it was proved that during the last ice age (70 to 11 thousand years ago), Gulf has been colder, with ice Polar sheets and mountain glaciers expanding and as a result of absorption of the ocean water into Polar and iceberg and its expansion. during this period water of the oceans and seas have faller about (120 meters). During this time which we know as the Persian Gulf, there was not a huge pit that swept through vast rivers of Arvandrood, and in its deepest parts there were lakes and ponds. some studies suggest that civilization has been formed in this areas and its remains left underwater with the arrival and rising of water level in Persian Gulf, its remains underwater.

After the end of the last ice age about 11,000 years ago, and the melting of the ice polar and rising the water of the oceans and high seas, surface of the Oman Sea rises . through Hormuz carry on, the water flows to the deep pole called Persian Gulf And gradually transfarmes to the face we see today. There are spec to culations that after humans departure from Africa about 70,000 years ago, the floor of persian Gulf was a place of forming the civilizations that after ice age their remnants goes underwater.

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Company registration number 18266 and the National ID 14007472661 was registered in the Registration office of Bandar Abbas city and its activities is to  export of foodstuffs including shrimp breeding and proliferation to the countries.

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Bandar Abbas, between the fourways of Moradi and the organization, Mahyar Alley 7, Shafashtar Building, 1st Floor, Unit 1

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Phone: 07632235420

Tehran: 02144082428

Mohammad Taher Darvishi: 09171611147

Mousa Darvishi Managing Director:

09334893391 and 09126772588


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